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Bibby Financial Services featured on a BBC report recently that highlighted the rapid growth in the West Midlands region. This came in the week that we opened our West Midlands Business Centre to help facilitate funding for businesses in the region.

The BBC followed findings from our own West Midlands report which found that the economy in the West Midlands is growing at a rate barely matched in other areas of the UK. The BBC highlighted the following facts;

  • 42% of firms in the West Midlands are taking on new staff
  • 41% of businesses in the region were investing in new training for their workforces (the highest in the UK)

A hotbed for growth

The BBC dubbed the West Midlands a hotbed for growth. Indeed our survey highlighted that business leaders in Birmingham are confident of creating 10,000 new technology jobs by 2020.

The region has been famous in the past for manufacturing and the BBC did highlight that while manufacturing output is in decline, other areas of business including digital technology are booming, having a positive impact on employment figures.

West Midlands Business Centre

The BBC made the trip to our new West Midlands Business Centre and caught up with Bibby Financial Services managing director Sharon Wiltshire, who said: “It’s very easy nowadays to invest in technology and innovation, but actually it’s the people who will drive the business forward.”

We hope our new base in the region will allow us to help business owners fund growth sustainably, and have more choice of what funding sources are available. The report also highlighted greater confidence in the West Midlands area, which is helping to fuel growth in all areas including exporting, which is always good for business and the UK economy.

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If you’re a business owner looking for funding to assist business growth and you’re based in the West Midlands or anywhere within the UK, you should contact Bibby Financial Services to find out more about our cashflow solutions.  To get in touch, visit: Bibby Financial Services or call 0800 91 95 92.