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At Bibby Financial Services we know the importance of having a good online offering and making sure that you maintain online touch points where your customers can keep up with news of your business, and the products that you offer.

Indeed, our own blogpost about businesses and social media has some great hints and tips on how small business owners are utilising the online space and the rise of social media. While some smaller business owners felt social media was nice to have but not essential, others felt that used in the right way, social media can be an excellent way for small businesses to build brand awareness, develop professional connections and ultimately generate business.

Connecting with Bibby Financial Services

Of course, different businesses need to identify the correct channels in which to operate. Here at Bibby Financial Services we’re great believers in the online space but we focus our efforts on the channels that are popular with our customers, influencers and stakeholders.

As a business to business service we find that LinkedIn is a great network for us to share ideas, develop relationships and keep up to date with the latest news in the different industries that we operate. You can follow Bibby Financial Services on LinkedIn to see how we use the channel.

Keeping engaged

Another channel that also works for business to business is Twitter. One of the bigger social networks, we find that Twitter is a great way to follow and keep in touch with the latest news from our clients, customers and the business community in general. But what do we share there?

If you follow Bibby Financial Services on Twitter, you’ll know that we share blogposts, industry news, information from stakeholders, and actively support events taking place in our industry and often involving our customers. Twitter works very well for us.

Every business is a digital business

Increasingly, every business is becoming a digital business, and while some owners may resist the online world, ultimately that’s where customers are now. If you wish to reach out to new customers you need to be online and visible in the social spaces that your customers use. For us, this is Twitter and LinkedIn, for other companies it could be Facebook and Instagram, knowing your customer is key to finding the right channel.

More information on our findings on social media and small businesses can be found in our own blogpost about businesses and social media or in the Livelihood businesses in the UK report.


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