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We’ve blogged before about case studies of Bibby Financial Services’ clients. Here on the Bibby Blog we’re pleased to reveal that we’ve now got some great client case studies on video, so you can get an inside view of our services, what our clients say about us and how we assisted them with cashflow challenges.

You can find four of these case studies on the Bibby Blog video page. The studies include a specialist printer that has been established for over 120 years, a fire and safety equipment supplier servicing businesses in Europe and America, a leading communication supplier and a drainage maintenance specialist. The four videos show the variety of sectors that we work in.

The importance of studies

As providers of invoice finance to over 7,000 business we pride ourselves on keeping in touch with the concerns of our customers. As well as working in a variety of sectors, our regional offices give us an ideal opportunity to survey the business landscape and make informed observations that help guide the products, services and advice we offer.

Video case studies allow potential clients to hear testimonials from our current customers in person. Despite the variety of clients featured in the video studies many common themes about our services emerge; these include the personal service and attention that we provide ‘on the ground’ for our customers.

Other Bibby case studies

You can also read more case studies online, including blogposts about our work with with Chillfast Couriers, a family run company that specialises in the transportation of chilled goods and frozen products.

If you’re looking for proof of our expertise in assisting export companies you can read the Oak Exports case study. We have 10 year relationship with Oak Exports who have used our Export Finance product to great success.

Why choose Bibby Financial Services          

We hope both the written case studies and the insightful client stories on our video page will help business owners make an informed decision when they choose a funding provider.

The long term relationships we have with our customers and the way our sector specific advice and encouragement is valued by those business owners who use our services is obvious. If you want to find out what we can offer your business please give us a call on 0800 91 95 92 or visit