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Bibby Financial Services understands that businesses in the construction sector face a number of challenges unique to their industry. Some of these challenges include; the rising costs associated with raw materials, extended payment terms and the ever-increasing legislation that exists in the sector.

We’re keen to help support businesses working in construction and we’re pleased to say that we were the first independent funder to offer specialist finance to this sector over 10 years ago. Our experience means that we’re experts at helping construction businesses to overcome the challenges of their industry.

Funding for construction companies

Over our years of assisting construction sector businesses we’ve refined our processes and our knowledge base. Our expertise in construction finance means that we understand the difficulties and offer the following when dealing with companies with cashflow challenges;

Dedicated specialists

We have experts used to dealing with all aspects of the construction business, this includes expert quantity surveyors and contract law teams dedicated to providing support and advice. 

Track record

Our reputation in this sector speaks for itself. We’ve supported 1000s of businesses and sub-contractors since 2004. Our local presence means that we’re always on hand. We know that to provide funding in this sector, you have to understand it.

Flexible funding

Our detailed knowledge and experience enables us to fund contractual debt and uncertified application for payments.

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As the UK’s leading independent invoice finance specialist, and a trusted provider of cashflow funding to over 7,000 businesses, Bibby Financial Services provides a range of finance solutions for businesses in over 300 industry sectors.

For more information about Bibby Financial Services’ cashflow solutions, visit: Bibby Financial Services or call 0800 91 95 92.